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Ebook vs Print Books

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”

Jorge Luis Borges

Among the bookish community, this remains an age-old debate – Ebooks or Print books. While one was recently introduced, the other had been there for ages. The question of modernism VS traditional sparks up just right in this context. While the reader’s community falls back largely on printed books, again debatable, the present reading community does find a significant crowd in eBooks. If you’re someone who is entering into the reading world and deciding on the best way to get started, Welcome… We have rainbows, dragons, fantasy worlds, blood-thirsty vampires, Elizabethan maidens, powerful wizards and more, waiting for you.

To provide myself with the certificate to justify my points, I would like to present myself as an avid reader who has read loads of books, both physical and virtual, and also I possess the means to read from both.

Moving on, let’s look at it point-by-point-

  • Space: In today’s world, the idea of space is highly important. With too much population and too little livable space, we need a bit of an adjustment. When it comes to physical books, it gets harder. For example, my shelf is full and I need to purchase new ones to set my books. At times, it does get kind of tricky when you don’t have enough space left in your house for your books.

But with eBooks, this gets fairly simple. I own a Kindle and it holds hundreds of eBooks within one single device. The problem of space, thus, comes to a complete stop. There is also a Kindle cloud where you can store the books you don’t want in your Kindle device. Yet, I love my book collection, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. If you’re a book collector, Kindle is not your choice.

  • Cost: When it comes to costs, eBook readers do come as a little pricey. The Paperwhite Kindle costs Rs. 7,999 or more, which is like $129.99. People are hesitant to buy a device so pricey because you do have to pay for books separately in Kindle. The good thing is that eBooks are cheaper than print books, and you will get the newest releases at almost half the price. Also, there are various other eBook apps which will provide you with a huge library of books.

On the other hand, print books are costlier and it does take a considerable amount of time to reach you, which brings us to the third point-

  • Time: Books take time, a significant amount of time, to reach you once you order them. Well, it’s instant if you go to a bookstore and buy it, but it again takes time to travel and get it. With eBooks, you can sit in the comfort of your home and buy as many as you like and it will be delivered to your device instantly. Talk about timing!

Nowadays, libraries also provide you with eBook options, so it’s becoming quite handy.

  • Comfort: Okay, for this point, I feel print books are more comfortable than eBooks. That’s just my personal opinion. I love the nostalgic feeling after buying a print book and smelling it. Hey! Everyone does it. That’s the best thing about books. Second, the feel of a book is indisputable. It just evokes the thirst to read.

But, when I’m travelling I prefer to carry my Kindle or better just my phone. It’s more portable and considering I usually return back home with double the number of books I take with me, it is a win-win situation. Also, I feel  I will be sadder if my physical book gets lost in comparison to my Kindle.

  • Ease of handling: Ebooks are easier to handle. They have a built-in dictionary and bookmark option, and sections to put your remarks and highlight sections. Now, personally, I hate markings in my book, it has to look like it’s newly bought always. Again, bookmarks tend to get lost. I’m clumsy, I can’t help it.

Ebooks, also, are a boon to the environment as no tree is cut down to provide it. But, when it comes to the environment, it might have some disadvantages I know nothing about.

  • Indie publication: Ebooks have a huge book base, and with the ease of publication, the rise of indie authors can be seen. Instead of going through the complicated publication process, authors find it easier to publish their book independently through eBooks and, time and again, they’re a huge success. It also provides readers with an acute platform to discover new and upcoming authors.

While eBooks do provide us with a whole lot of advantages, I still tend to lean towards the traditional method of reading. I love books, and I love the ageing books a lot more. My physical books don’t need to be charged, and the feel of books can never be replaced. There is a whole different sensation of excitement when my physical book is delivered, no matter how long it might take.

Ultimately, the decision lies with you. It takes time to adjust to eBooks but once you do, you will start loving it too. Also, we can’t disregard the fact that eBooks are here to stay in this world of building technology. But, indeed, you won’t get the same pleasure as you would get out of a physical book. With the introduction of audio books, there are a lot more options for you to choose from. Pick your choice!

Thanks for reading. This question was put forward by Tracikenworth. Thank you so much for putting forth the question. I loved forming this blog.

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